Just One Major Surgery Away from Calling a Jamaican Nurse, “Mama”

I’ve had two “procedures” in the last three weeks.

Thursday’s procedure was on my right eye.  Going to the hospital and being put under seemed like overkill, but I guess my “procedure” was surgery, and that’s how surgery is done.  They tied my hands to the bed, because apparently, in a twilight sleep, people try to bat the surgeon away from their eye.   The reflex is that strong.

Today, thanks to diligently icing it all day yesterday, I can keep my eye open long enough to read some posts.

Tomorrow I’ll visit my sister.  Any suggestions for a portable, nutritious, delicious meal to take?

Have a wonderful Saturday!


24 thoughts on “Just One Major Surgery Away from Calling a Jamaican Nurse, “Mama”

        • Hi Erika, My foot is healing, I am out of the boot and wearing stiff-soled shoes. Yesterday I thought it had miraculously healed completely overnight because I felt no pain all day yesterday. But when I walked on it this morning I realized that yesterday’s miracle was just the residual effects of the pain meds they gave me at the hospital Thursday. So, I’m still limping a bit, but I’m definitely making progress. How is your toe?

          Re: my eye, I won’t know whether it is serious until I get the biopsy results next week. Praying, praying, praying…

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          • I will, Julie. Did you experience a loss of your vision? I send out prayers for you. My toe is fine. I am walking around in normal shoes already. Only the scar is a little annyoing since it hurts in certain shoes. But that is only peanuts compared with what you have to face. It will all be well. Big hugs and much love to you ❤


            • I’m glad you are back in your shoes. I pray the scar will become less and less noticeable and all your shoes will be comfortable again. Thank you for your prayers. I did not experience a loss of vision. I had a lesion on my eyelid. (I should have said I had eyelid surgery. I wasn’t thinking because, to me, it’s all part of my eye, but eyelid is more accurate and it doesn’t sound so scary.) It was probably benign, but my ophthalmologist wanted to make sure it wasn’t skin cancer so he sent me to an ophthalmic plastic surgeon to have it excised and biopsied. I have a follow up appointment this coming Friday.


  1. I enjoy fruit (grapes, apples, bananas) and cheese (slice and put in zipper bag) with fancy crackers. Easy to pack (in a small ice chest) and eat just a little at a time when hungry. Plus it is healthier than junk food.

    Continued prayers.

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  2. Many prayers for your continued healing Julie. As far as an easy and nutritious portable meal? I always turn to any type of nut butter for that (almond is my favorite but it’s getting awfully expensive). Smother it on whole grain bread or tortilla, add some berries and your good to go! Oh this great with any type of to go latte or cappuccino….;)

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