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His Name is Jesus

She died on Wednesday, just before 2:30 in the afternoon.

Her funeral was on Saturday at 10:00 in the morning.

I left the funeral and the post-funeral luncheon disturbed and disheartened, not liking my family much.  All kinds of thoughts swirled in my head and in my spirit.  Thoughts that have been swirling these four days since she passed.  I sat down to tell you about them, and now I’m thinking I’ll wait until they land.

But since many of you have been offering your kind prayers, I want to at least tell you that she passed.

An old friend of Laura’s, who worked with her way back in that doctor’s office I mentioned in the last post, offered her condolences at the funeral.  She shared that she lost her sister two years ago, and she’s lost both of her brothers since.  She is the only sibling left.  I offered my condolences right back to her.  She said there is something particularly hard about losing a sister and she just wanted us to know that she understands that.  She said, “No one writes about that.”

I might.  When I can.  When it all lands.

Laura posted this video on her Facebook wall last November and wrote, “My friends, what could make you feel closer to God? This was not about Carrie, it was about her relationship with God. That’s what makes it so beautiful.”

Amen, Laura.


My sister, Laura
December 28, 1956 – August 26, 2015


34 thoughts on “His Name is Jesus

  1. Oh dear Julie! My sincere thoughts and prayers of sympathy. You’re on my “blogger-buddy” prayer list. When you are able, by God’s grace, ready to share, I’m one who wants to hear it. Until then, a reminder that He “will never leave you nor forsake you…I have called you by name, you are Mine.”

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  2. andih94 says:

    There are no words for the end really. Laura was beautiful. Know that you are being held up in prayer by those like me whom you have let into your world through your words. Be gentle with yourself.

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  3. Alma Mater says:

    Hi Julie,

    I just want to let you know that I’ve been praying for you (and for your nephew), and I see from comments that you have other blog-buddies praying for you, too. I really hope you can feel our prayers and feel blanketed in God’s love for you.

    I am so, so sorry for your loss.

    Kristina (A.M.)

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  4. Oh Julie. My heart goes out to you. It really does. Your precious, precious sister. When you land I will be ready to hear your heart, your thoughts. In the meantime I pray that Jesus will keep you ‘warm’ wrapped up in his arms, in his cocoon. Big, tender hug. Reuben.xx


  5. “Oh no, Laura died!”…one would wonder if I knew her. NO! Do I know Julie? No! But I know Jesus and I know they love the Lord. Laura was and is beautiful (only God can do that).
    May His peace be with you and yours during this season of your life and may His JOY keep your heart with sweet reminders of who she was and what she represented. Hugs to you my blog-friend Julie and good night Laura, see you in that morning.

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  6. Julie, sorry I’ve been away from bogland for awhile and just saw this post. I guess I’m not surprised based on your earlier ones but still, it made m catch my breath for you. I’m so sorry for the loss of your sister and the difficult times that lay ahead as you process her death. Praying for much comfort and peace for you and your family.

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  7. issuudotcomslashdewane says:

    Years ago we lost a dear friend Geri who had struggled life-long with hoemophelia. She and her husband Allan had mentored us solidly in our early relationship with Jesus and His Spirit. Weeks after, Hilary and I took a country drive and marveled at the landscape. I parked the car under a roadside tree and Hilary walked the dirt road up and over a hill. Just because. Lost to my view. What was she doing? Was she safe? Only time and distance separated us. I distinctly heard the Spirit say “Geri”, and I knew that all was well with our friend. And that there would be a glorious reunion. You might have a look at the music video by Steve Curtis Chapman entitled Glorious Unfolding. I am referring to the one where a young woman remembers her Dad just departed. Take courage. It is a commodity available from our Fore-runner (Hebrews 6: 18-20)…Doug Blair


    • Thank you for sharing that story, Doug, and for the encouraging bit of Scripture. I’ve recently had a similar assurance. I’ll likely write a post about it.

      Have a nice day, a blessed new week.

      Oh, and I really liked the video. Thanks.


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