Beach & Coffee


Cafe miel at Madcap – a very pleasant start to a Sunday.


90 degrees – everyone and their brother was at the beach.


A refreshing spray on the Grand Haven pier.


Monday morning cafe miel, this time at Rowster. Delicious.

Rowster - another hip, minimalist coffee shop. It's what we do.

Rowster – another hip, minimalist coffee shop. It’s what we do.


The beloved blue bridge – pedestrian gateway to relaxation and rejuvenation.

Labor Day weekend in western Michigan – Coffee, beach and some great meals.


10 thoughts on “Beach & Coffee

  1. I went a nice long walk and enjoyed a cup of chai with my spouse. The kids were with their grandparents, so we were busy getting a lot of things done. It was a good weekend, but a little bit busier than I wanted. 🙂


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