Beach & Coffee


Cafe miel at Madcap – a very pleasant start to a Sunday.


90 degrees – everyone and their brother was at the beach.


A refreshing spray on the Grand Haven pier.


Monday morning cafe miel, this time at Rowster. Delicious.

Rowster - another hip, minimalist coffee shop. It's what we do.

Rowster – another hip, minimalist coffee shop. It’s what we do.


The beloved blue bridge – pedestrian gateway to relaxation and rejuvenation.

Labor Day weekend in western Michigan with my daughter and my friend, Cindy, visiting from Atlanta.  Coffee, beach and some really great meals. I’m sparing you the food photos.


10 thoughts on “Beach & Coffee

  1. I went a nice long walk and enjoyed a cup of chai with my spouse. The kids were with their grandparents, so we were busy getting a lot of things done. It was a good weekend, but a little bit busier than I wanted. 🙂


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