63 Degrees & Still a Gimp


A chilly 63 degrees has never stopped the hub from fishing.  So a few hours after he went out, I drove my gimpy foot to the dock and joined him for a couple of hours.


The crisp air mostly felt good.


I had to do a little first aid after the hub cut his finger on this northern’s tooth.  He also caught some nice bass.


I met with the foot doc on Friday.  He went over the results of my MRI.  There was a lot to report, a lot that is wrong with my foot.  The two main issues are bone marrow edema (aka bone bruises) and a frayed tendon.

So I have to wear a brace for four weeks.  And then see the doc again.  If four weeks in the brace doesn’t do wonders, then he has another trick to try – something about injecting platelet rich plasma into the tendon, or something like that.

I asked him if I’ll be limping for the rest of my life.  He said no, “not as long as you’re my patient.”

I’m going to believe him.

I way over-did the walking last weekend.  As I sat on the boardwalk in Grand Haven watching all the able-footed people be-bop by, I longed to be one of them again.

Hopefully soon.

How was your weekend?


12 thoughts on “63 Degrees & Still a Gimp

  1. My weekend was nice , thank you/ I spent some time on the water myself, or actually in the water as I was snorkeling today and found myself caught in the middle of a school of bright neons, it was quite fun. I’m sorry about your foot, I hope it heals soon. 🙂

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