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Prophecy: Telling it Like it Is, Telling it Like it Will Be

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Did you know that twenty-seven percent of the entire Bible is prophecy?  28.5% of the Old Testament and 21.5% of the New Testament.

At least 737 separate prophetic topics are covered in the Bible.

Sixty-two of the Bible’s 66 books foretell future events.

Ruth, Song of Solomon, Philemon and 3 John are the only books of Scripture that have no explicit prophecy.

All those facts are from my BSF notes.  I’m back in BSF studying Revelation.  This is week 2 and we’re still in the overview phase, and I’m itching to getting into the nitty gritty.  So as I share my daily life from now ’til May, it will likely be seasoned with Revelation this and Revelation that.

Yes, it will be scary at times, but then chapter 19…


Don’t worry, it’ll be good for you.

And it will be good for me, should you choose to toss in your two cents.

Oh and here’s something that wasn’t in the notes:

If you include the FORTHTELLING aspect of prophecy with the FORETELLING, then a much greater percentage of the Bible is prophecy.  It is one unified story of the glorious things God has done, is doing and will do.

And it’s all pretty thrilling.

In case you were wondering.


9 thoughts on “Prophecy: Telling it Like it Is, Telling it Like it Will Be

  1. Check the Book of Numbers. It’s a census report, listing how many goats, camels and wives, a bunch of ancient Jews had. (The animals were more important than the women.) No-one talks to God. God speaks to no-one. God is not even mentioned. I do not recall any prophecies being made.
    The ‘Prophet’ who foretold the birth of Christ, said that a virgin would give birth to the Savior, and she would call him Emmanuel. He went to a competitor, a virgin seeress, and raped her, destroying her prophetic ability, and causing her to get pregnant. She was not a virgin when she gave birth, and neither she nor immaculate Mary named their child Emmanuel.


    • “Check the Book of Numbers. It’s a census report…” You check the book of Numbers, it’s way more than a census report.

      “No-one talks to God. God speaks to no-one.” God and Moses spoke to one another all the time. Numbers 7:8-9 for example.

      In Numbers 12:6-8 God spoke to Miriam and Aaron, too. I’ll type this one out for you because it’s a really good admonishment that you might need to heed:

      “[God] said, “Listen to my words:

      “When there is a prophet among you,
      I, the LORD, reveal myself to them in visions,
      I speak to them in dreams.
      But this is not true of my servant Moses;
      he is faithful in all my house.
      With him I speak face to face,
      clearly and not in riddles;
      he sees the form of the LORD.
      Why then were you not afraid
      to speak against my servant Moses?”

      “God is not even mentioned.” The LORD = God.

      “I do not recall any prophecies being made.” I do. Remember when God foretold Moses that he wouldn’t be allowed to enter the promised land because he angrily struck the rock (chapter 20)? Well, look at chapters 27:12-14 and 34:4. Prophecy given, prophecy fulfilled.

      Oh, and there was also the prophecy about Joshua and Caleb being the only ones allowed to enter the promised land of that whole group of wanderers (chapter 14). See Numbers 27:18 and Joshua 1:3. More prophecy, more fulfillment.

      God loves women, even when the culture doesn’t: Numbers 27:1-11

      And finally, with regard to all your second paragraph dribble, it would take WAY TOO GREAT a leap of FAITH for me to believe any of that.

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