Bridge of Spies

My fun, vivacious, truly sweet-hearted, California-living, niece, Mary, works for Steven Spielberg/DreamWorks.  When the studio schedules a screening for a new movie in the Detroit area, she invites my sisters and me to attend.  Yay!

It’s always fun to see a good movie, and it’s even more fun when seeing the movie is free AND when you walk into the theater and see your name taped on a really great seat.  Makes a girl feel kinda’ special.

And so it was that Wednesday night the hub and I went to see Bridge of Spies.  And it was GOOD!  REALLY GOOD!

I love Tom Hanks anyway, but boy, oh, boy.

I also love movies inspired by true events, ‘cuz I love learning a little something about history, about the brave things that people do.

The hub and I talked about it all the way home.  He remembered the event even though he was only ten when it transpired.  He also remembered talking about it a few years later when he was in seventh grade.

I was only two back in 1962, so the movie was the first I knew of it. And I wanted to know more, so I googled James Donovan the next day.

Wow. Big, bold and brave things.

Go see it when it comes out next week.  Tell me what you think.



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