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So, good news, I saw a dog today.

I met my sister, C, at the Rochester library this morning.  We walked to the Downtown Cafe, where she treated me to a birthday breakfast.  After breakfast we walked over to the Rochester Farmer’s Market so she could buy her weekly organic chicken. I bought a pie pumpkin and some purple potatoes – organic, just pulled yesterday.

As we walked through town on the way back to our cars, I saw a corgi and quickly fished my phone out of my coat pocket.


“Do you mind if I take a picture of your dog?”

“No, I don’t mind at all, his name is Paczki.”

“Paczki?! Really? I’m taking the photo because my daughter loves corgis.  And my pet name for her since she was a little girl is Paczki.”

“His official akc name is something something Fat Tuesday,” she explained.

“Ah, that’s why you call him Paczki.”

I snapped the picture just as a man with a golden retriever approached.  The golden greeted the corgi, who attempted to run away.  Their leashes, of course, became entangled.

“He doesn’t like men,” the woman said to the apologetic man.  “Probably because men never come over. They NEVER come over… Except the occasional repairman….  But I’m okay with it.  I’m 62 years old and I’m done with all that.”

I laughed and wished her a wonderful day.

I love Rochester.  The people are so friendly.  C was cold – it was only 34 degrees – so she wanted to hurry home.  But I wanted to enjoy the crisp air and the sunny sky.  So I walked the river.



I passed women pushing strollers, elderly couples walking slowly, hand in hand and runners in shorts and t-shirts huffing along.  I was in my winter coat.  34 degrees in October is way warmer than 34 degrees in April, but you still need a coat.

Everyone along the river smiled as they wished me a good morning.  I wished them a good morning right back.

Even the ducks quacked a greeting.

On the return loop I came upon a Saturday morning prayer meeting.  These righteous ducks were so in the Spirit that they weren’t distracted by my approach one single bit.


Good, good morning.


14 thoughts on “Paczki

  1. Yet ANOTHER reason I like you!!! We’ve had three corgies and I’m hoping for another someday. Our NewYorkers are visiting for a wedding this weekend and our California daughter and fam are here also, just had her birthday. So hope your’s was great also!

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    • Hi Alma. Thanks! It was a good, busy weekend. Hope yours was really good, too. I’m so relieved that your test has been scheduled. I pray the wait goes quickly and that every bit of the performance of the test, and the interpretation of it, are closely overseen by the Lord. Many blessings on you, friend.

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