A Poor Woman’s Linen Bedskirt

The bed frame in the spare room was naked, and I had a house guest coming.  So I needed a skirt.  All the choices at Bed, Bath and Beyond, JC Penney and even Pottery Barn were prosaic. And prosaic doesn’t make anyone feel special. Or delighted.

I searched online and found an interesting linen skirt accented just right with buttons.  I liked it a lot, but I don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend on a bedskirt.

So I made my own.  And, since linen wrinkles too easily, I used burlap.

I don’t have a sewing machine, and who has time to sew by hand when your guest is coming and the house still needs to be cleaned?  So I used fusible two-sided fabric tape to attach a strip of burlap to the skirt – just to give it interest – and I used industrial strength velcro (which may have been overkill) to attach the skirt to the frame.

IMG_1992 IMG_1993

I cinched the pleat with two decorative brads that have been languishing in the linen closet for years just waiting to be called into service. Then I made window coverings with the leftover burlap.

IMG_1994 IMG_1995

Again, no sew.   Why thread a needle when you still have ten more brads? (The lighting in that room is not great, but, if you look closely, you can see them.)  I left the bottom rustic and frayed.

It may not be the best idea I’ve ever had, but it’s the best idea I had this week.

$16 for four yards of burlap and $5 for the fabric tape.  Total cash outlay: $21 for a bedskirt and “curtains” in a pinch.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Brainwave.”


11 thoughts on “A Poor Woman’s Linen Bedskirt

  1. Great idea. I wanted to do something different for our bed and because the comforter did not cover the box spring I took one of my nice fitted sheets and placed in around the boxspring so now I have a nice cover for it and when I dust underneath it is easy to see where to dust and I dust more often as I can see when it is vital. I like it a lot.

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    • Great minds think alike! I did the same thing with the old bed in that room. I used a fitted sheet that matched one of the colors in the comforter and I really liked the look. But the bed was squeaky so I bought a new frame – the platform kind that doesn’t use a boxspring. So, a skirt was my only option.

      And I LOVE having wood floors – they are so easy to vacuum/dust.

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    • Thank you Sandra! My houseguest was a young man from Toronto, here to experience his first cider mill (he said they don’t have cider mills in Canada.) He may not have even noticed the bedskirt, but I do hope he felt surrounded by love. (I like the way you put that.)


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