November 1

Today ushers in the season of gratitude, and I am grateful for you dear bloggers.  As an introvert, I really don’t like to talk on the phone. A ringing phone disturbs my peace, even when I really like the person on the other end.  Probably because it usually rings when I’m in the middle of doing something or thinking something.

But you, dear bloggers, never disturb my peace.  You just wait silently until I have a minute. Until I’ve poured my morning coffee or my evening tea and settled in – cozily curled up in the corner of the couch under an afghan.

Even if I’m too busy to check in for a few days, I know you will still be there. Tonight I have some catching up to do, and I’m grateful that I can.

So, thank you God for inventing blogging.

Oh, and the hub and I visited a new church today.  We were surprised to run into a variety of old friends and acquaintances there – people I worked with years ago at the pregnancy center, or attended BSF with here and there.  I even ran into a woman I knew 30 years ago, when we were both young and single.  She said I was still beautiful, God bless her.  She hasn’t changed a  bit.

The hub ran into a ormer co-worker and a couple of men from his BSF past.   It was a little taste of the massive heavenly reunions that awaits.

Blessed are the ties that bind…


7 thoughts on “November 1

  1. Julie, that was just superb and so very true! Nobody here yells at you for not answering right away. Well, come do, but that’s just the ones wanting to fight. The friends just sort of hang tight until the time is good.

    Nice encouragement at just the right time. God’s like that, know’s just what a person needs and sometimes just hand delivers it right to the computer.

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  2. Afghan and evening tea!! Ok, introvert or not, I’m joining the party. Actually, I’m doing a “blog” study from someone else’s site on “Introverts in the church”, finding it interesting, how so much of our church culture is geared toward extrovert personalities. I was also in BSF years ago, great study there. God bless, and let us all know when you and hub find a home church to plug into!

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