Let’s Play a Game

It’s day 2 of the Three Day Quote Challenge so let’s play a game. I’ll supply a list of quotes and you can name the song or movie from which each one came:

  1. “The odd thing about this form of communication is that you’re more likely to talk about nothing than something. But I just want to say that all this nothing has meant more to me than so many somethings.”
  2. “I never understood a single word he said, but I helped him drink his wine. And he always had some mighty fine wine.”
  3. “You don’t know about real loss, because that only occurs when you love something more than yourself.”
  4. “You love me, you hate me, you know me and then, you can’t figure out the bag I’m in.”
  5. “Well I hate to bring it up because I know you’ve got enough pressure on you already. But, we agreed to get married as soon as you won your first case. Meanwhile, TEN YEARS LATER, my niece, the daughter of my sister is getting married. My biological clock is [taps her foot] TICKING LIKE THIS and the way this case is going, I ain’t never getting married.
  6. “When your long day is over and you can barely drag your feet, the weight of the world is on your shoulders, I know what you need.”
  7. “So, good news. I saw a dog today.”

Bonus points if you can name the movie character who spoke them or the artist who sang them.


24 thoughts on “Let’s Play a Game

  1. This is great.
    1. Meg Ryan as Kathleen Kelly in You’ve Got Mail
    2. Joy to The World by Three Dog Night
    3. Robin Williams as the therapist (character name escapes me.) Good Will Hunting
    4. Everyday People by Sly and the Family Stone
    5. Marisa Tomei as Mona Lisa Vito in My Cousin Vinny
    6. Um…
    7. Um…

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