Oh Dear!

The hub and I are watching Dr. Dee, Alaska Vet. We sure could have used her this morning.

There was a young deer in the backyard staring back at my daughter and me as we looked out the kitchen window.  He kept looking to his right and then to his left and then back at us as if to say, “Have you seen my mom?”

I snapped his picture through the window.


When he started to walk a bit, we noticed he was limping.  I have seen large deer jump the chain link fence that is hidden behind that hedge with ease.  This little guy must have been running with his family and didn’t quite clear it.

My daughter noted that his leg looked like it was bulging – like he had a displaced fracture.

I called my vet.  The receptionist suggested I call animal control, which I did.  The police officer who answered said that as long as the deer is up and moving, they just leave it alone.  When the animal is no longer up and moving they will come out and put it down.

I didn’t want them to put the little guy down, I wanted them to come and help him.

I wanted Dr. Dee.

My daughter opened the back door to take him an apple. Startled, he hobbled off and disappeared around a corner.

The friends wanted to go outside.  I let them out on their leads saying, “If you see a deer, be nice to him – he’s scared and he’s hurt and he misses his mom.”  The beagle just licked her lips.

Have you ever encountered an injured deer? Do you have any advice in case he comes back?


6 thoughts on “Oh Dear!

  1. Deers seem to survive and is quite adapted to there environment. My sister in law who lives in town has a three leg deer that hangs around and is doing quite well.

    He looks pretty good shape. If you want it to hang around for a while toss him a few apples. But be careful they can be pest. It still a wild animal.

    Came in from NaBloPoMo. If you find the time stop on over for a cup of coffee

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  2. Is animal control the only option in your area? We had a wildlife rescue in the last city in which I lived, and they rehabilitated injured creatures.

    It’s really sad that animal control’s options seem only to be, “Let it die on its own, or let it die with our help.” 😦

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    • I looked online for a wildlife service or DNR extension program, but all I came up with in my area was private companies that offered critter removal. The closest wildlife rescue was about 45 miles away – and they weren’t open on a Sunday.

      After the little guy hobbled off, we didn’t see him again. I’m choosing to believe that he was reunited with his momma and his leg is healing. I can’t bear to think of any other possibility.

      What city do you live n, if you don’t mind my asking? I’m going to continue to investigate so I’ll be prepared next time.

      Thanks for the comment.


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