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Whoa! Snow!

I just looked out my door-wall and saw snow! coming down REALLY hard. Just as quickly as it appeared, it tapered to the pace of a gentle rain, then it suddenly came down hard again – and sideways, then gentle again. Now millions of tiny iceballs are falling from the sky and bouncing off my deck.

Let the record show that the first snow AND ice of the season fell on November 13.

In my little corner of the world.

In other news, I made myself huevos rancheros for a very late breakfast. I didn’t really want to, wasn’t hungry at all, but a girl has to eat. I took a picture:


The really good thing about participating in NaBloPoMo is that it forces me to search for something to write about each day and view life with a creative eye. The really bad thing about NaBloPoMo is that sometimes you get posts like this.

Oh well.


12 thoughts on “Whoa! Snow!

  1. I’ve been enjoying this element of NaBloPoMo, it’s quite daunting but also a lot of fun finding things to post about everyday. I always feel a little self conscious about posting short posts like these (always feel like I need to write more to make it worth people’s time to read), but it’s fun to push yourself and post things you wouldn’t normally post in my opinion.

    Your huevos rancheros looks delicious, so delicious in fact it has inspired me to go get some ingredients and make this over the weekend. It looks like just the right thing to cheer us all up with the miserable weather we’re having here in the UK. So thank you, I’m glad you posted this! 🙂

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  2. This one is tempting too.
    Finally I have some collection of food page, where I can look out for and try !

    I want to ask, is it as simple as it looks or you make it look so finished and easy doing ?

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