c’Meeerr you guys. I’m busy making my list for tomorrow’s grocery shopping extravaganza so I don’t have a lot of time.

But, since I am a slave to the NaBloPoMo – an indentured servant, actually – I must fulfill my servitude. So I’m going to share a little bit of regional dialect by telling you that if weren’t so darn cold, dark and snowy out there, I’d go to the party store and get some pop.

‘Cuz that’s what we say here in Michigan. And I’m thirsty.

And yes,
it is grand
to live in a land
that’s shaped
like a hand.



14 thoughts on “c’Meeerr

  1. I can’t figure out that word! My early years were in Indiana (“pop,” I think), then Michigan. But then out West – soda. So I’m not consistent, but use them interchangeably.
    And I love “c’meeerr!” I can hear myself!

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