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A Cheap Christmas Date

I found my people today.


The hub and I decided to stick with inexpensive Christmas events this year. So my daughter searched and came up with White Christmas at the Redford Theater.

The historic Redford Theater was built in 1928, complete with an organ for silent films.  I had heard it was a cool place, but I had never been.

Until today.


See the organist on the far left? We listened as he played Christmas song after Christmas song while we waited for the movie to start.

Then he and his organ were lowered below the stage and the curtain parted.

At intermission he reappeared and played some more. And then a woman took the stage and announced we were going to have a sing-a-long.

The audience cheered.

In the midst of this harsh, cruel, chaotic world, was a pocket of happy souls cheering for a sing-a-long.

As we merrily sang the carols, I felt Christmas in the air. It was a magic I hadn’t felt since childhood.

We were singing about Jesus and we weren’t even in church.

I had found my people.

There was a raffle drawing after the sing-a-long. A “family” was welcomed onstage to draw names. The dad  took the microphone and explained that he had never seen White Christmas until the previous year, when he was introduced to the movie by his girlfriend on their first date. He went on to say that at Easter they received cupcakes with duck rings stuck in them. They put the rings on and started calling themselves lucky ducks.

And then I saw it coming.

Sure enough, he pulled a box from his pocket, got on one knee and proposed.

She said yes, his children looked thrilled, and I cried.

I don’t know them, but I cried.

What a wonderful Christmas event. And all for only $5.

I had forgotten how many great one liners Danny Kaye has.

We ended our cheap date with an expensive dinner.


Oh well.

On the way home we drove past a private home that we call the Whatleypalooza.



God love them, this is only a fraction. A very small fraction.


‘Cuz when it comes to gaudy Christmas decorations, you gotta’ go big or stay home.

It was a great day.





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