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Rambunctious, Gorgeous & Free

As you know from my last post, my family and I are shopping for free and inexpensive Christmas spirit.

Saturday it was a big screen showing of White Christmas, where magic was in the air.

Sunday afternoon my daughter and I walked through a lovely Christmas market.


Is it just me, or do the trees look like sparkling martini glasses? Though this is a photo of the market at night, we were there in the sunshine.

After dinner my daughter dressed the friends in sweaters and we all – the hub, my daughter, the friends and I – piled into the car, turned the radio to a Christmas music station and drove 20 miles to a drive-through live nativity.

The plan was a quick drive out there, a quick drive through the nativity and home in an hour. But when we crested the hill, we saw a line-up of headlights that looked over an hour long. We thought about aborting our mission, but we got in line instead.

The hour-and-a-half wait was a little hard on the beagle (the hound dog sat patiently in his seat like a good boy), but the program was well done and she was gifted with a dog biscuit by the people who were handing out free HOT (thank you) chocolate and cookies. The beagle tried-to-climb-out-the-window-LOVED the scene that included children and goats. Wish I had snapped a picture of the precious little boy who waved to her, but I was too busy wrestling 20 pounds of tail-wagging enthusiasm.

It was a memorable and completely free family outing – except for the donation, which was freely given.

Last week I was invited, sans family, to two beautiful Christmas events. First, Advent by Candlelight in a stunning setting.


In a beautiful room filled with gorgeous tables.



IMG_0157 (1)


I arrived a little early in order to get a good parking space because my date uses a walker.


My date: a little blurry, but beautiful inside and out.


Our lovely hostess was still putting the finishing touches on her table when we arrived.

That gorgeous and soul-warming event was followed the next day by Christmas Tea at a very lovely country club.

I might have snapped a few photos of the posh beauty there, too, had I not been leery of embarrassing my hostess with a faux pas.

Tonight I’ll teach a final lesson before Christmas break and then there will be time to create some beauty right here at home. Lights and ornaments on the tree that is standing here bare and smelling wonderful.

And then it’s cookies to bake and brittles to make…presents to wrap, cocoa to drink and sappy Hallmark-Christmas-movies-that-always-end with-a-kiss to watch.

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.

P.S. If anyone has a brilliant suggestion for this weekend’s free or nearly free, I’d love to hear them. Christmas concerts at church are already on the list.


8 thoughts on “Rambunctious, Gorgeous & Free

    • Erika, as my daughter and I walked through the market yesterday, I described the beautiful photos of Christmas Markets you posted recently, and about how you live within driving distance of gorgeous markets in several different countries!

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