In a Pinch

If you still have a couple of dvds to wrap and you’ve run out of wrapping paper, or if you just feel like coloring, do this: Search adult coloring books then click on a link for free Christmas coloring pages.
Print a design on a sheet of legal size copy paper (landscape) and then color it in. Eight-and-a-half by fourteen is the perfect size for wrapping dvds. You don’t need scissors. But you do need tape.

I was in kind of a hurry so my coloring isn’t stellar, but it works in a pinch.

Merry, merry.


4 thoughts on “In a Pinch

  1. Terrific idea. And I LOVE to color.
    My sister and I have turned to regular kids’ coloring books and crayons for years to help us de-stress. We were just talking this week about how something we’ve done all of our adult lives is now a big fad, with “adult” coloring books flooding the market. Boy, wish we’d thought of creating a few of our own over the years. We might have lots of money now.

    I really like your new header picture.

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