“We’ll wait and go Monday,” I said, “people will be back at work on Monday.”

Poor naive fool.

The days of magical strolls through snowy Dickensonian villages are over. It’s nothing but down and dirty from here on in.

This was Christmas shopping at its worst – Target and Bed, Bath and Beyond.

The parking lots were full and the stores were picked bare.

Life is way too bleak when you head out in the rain to uninteresting stores AND strike out, so we ended our outing at Miracle Coffee – to stir at least a little bit of happy into our day.

As I sat down with my chai latte (yes, I’m in a rut), my daughter was folding a square of plain white paper.

“I’m making a snowflake she said,” in response to my query.

She nodded toward a table that had one last sheet of paper on it and some scissors.


So we made snowflakes and posted them for a potential prize and the day got a little bit happy.


My daughter’s is the heart-studded love snowflake and mine is the one right below it.

I sent the Vanna photo to her phone. She did a quick crop and edit and sent it back to me.



“I like the original better. It’s got a nice warm glow.”

“But it’s not white-balanced,” she said. “You don’t know anything about photography.”

“I like what I like, and I like a nice, warm glow.”

“But it’s wrong.”

“It may be technically wrong,” I rebutted, “but it isn’t aesthetically wrong.”

I noticed the man kitty-corner to us was listening to our tomfoolery.

“Let’s go.”

I posted the photos hoping you all would agree with me. But now that I see them side by side I must admit that the stinkin’ kid is right.

And I love her.









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