10 thoughts on “Adult Onset Calvinism

    • Yes, and sadly you sometimes find yourself indoctrinated into old ideas. Which is why I suggest warning your children to always think for themselves – set their minds to understanding for themselves and rejecting mere spoon-feeding. Check the ingredient label and all that.

      Thanks for your shiny two pennies.

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  1. Actually, the doctrines known commonly as ‘Calvinism’ were the doctrines of The apostle Paul. I found a study of the history of Calvinism most useful.

    And BTW, I returned comments over at Ufuoamee’s but they didn’t make it to post or were deleted. I basically asked you a couple of questions. If the Bible isn’t inerrant and the written word of God, what is? By what criteria can you even make a judgment? Does God really more to say to us than he already recorded in Scripture? I just wanted to ask. I pray that you won’t be deceived by her false teaching. Of course it is false according to scripture, but scripture errs according to her, providing license for new private revelation that scripture forbids. Anyhow, thank you for,clarifying and I agree that everything the Church (RC) has declared heresy is heresy.

    May God bless you,



    • Good Morning Dan,

      To answer your first question, “If the Bible isn’t inerrant and the written word of God, what is?” Jesus. Jesus is. He is the living word. He was the only One/thing on this earth that is not corrupted (except perhaps A & E prior to their fall). We Christians try to have it both ways. On the one hand we insist that everything has been defiled by the fall and on the other hand we say that the Bible (written by sin-corrupted humans) is perfect. There is a difference between the Bible being inspired and inerrant. There is a difference between God’s spoken word being perfect and our translation/understanding/teaching of it being perfect. God inspired Isaiah with a perfect message and His people completely misinterpreted it. Have you ever been to a Seder? Those of us who know Jesus see Him all over it. Loud and clear. And yet year after year many still miss it. God’s perfect, inspired message completely misinterpreted and mis-taught year after year by some of His chosen people.

      By what criteria can you make a judgment? In Quote Me Some Jesus (you might be interested in reading it + the comments) I wrote:

      “Jesus is my litmus test:

      Question/dismiss/delete any red letters? Nope. They are the words of Jesus. Nothing to do with those except salute and yield.

      Question writings that are corroborated by Jesus, the Law, the Prophets? Nope. Jesus referred those with questions to the Law and the Prophets. So I yield to them, too.

      Question writings and teachings that are not corroborated by Jesus, the Law or the Prophets? You betcha’.”

      Does God really have more to say than is already recorded in Scripture? I would hope so. How boring would it be for Him if He, the Living God, had no more to say? There was 400 years of silence between Malachi and Matthew. It’s a really good thing that when the Living Word arrived on the scene everyone didn’t insist that God had nothing more to say. The Pharisees insisted, but thank God He enabled those precious first few to gradually open their hearts and minds to the possibility that they hadn’t yet heard it all. When we appropriate the light God gives us, He gives us more.

      Thank you for your prayer for me. And don’t worry, I have a well-developed gift of discernment and I have been studying the Scriptures for myself for quite some time (not a new believer). I have only read a couple of U’s posts but so far I have not seen anything that I would consider false teaching. I don’t consider her posts teaching at all for that matter – just her views and opinions, to which she is gloriously entitled.

      I read a quote this morning which pretty well captures why I think we should give one another gracious space:

      “Jesus appears suddenly in the room on behalf of Thomas and his doubting.
      “The other disciples get the blessing of Christ’s presence that day only because they made room for someone who wasn’t as convinced of the Easter message as they were.
      “They may have gathered thinking of Thomas as the tag-along, but when Jesus shows up, it’s clearly the other way around. I’m convinced that’s how the kingdom always will be.
      “Blessed are the tag-alongs, the outcasts, the doubters and skeptics: You will see the face of God. May we be so blessed to be with you when you do.” —Samuel Marks

      It’s the Holy Spirit’s job to guide us to the Truth, it’s our job to develop ears to hear.

      Thanks for sharing your views. May God make your heart leap today.


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