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Order Your Burgers Well Done.

I was thinking today about that thing Jude wrote, about certain individuals infiltrating the church.

And as that train of thought chugged along, it stopped at something Keith Green said:

“Going to church doesn’t make you a Christian any more than going to McDonald’s makes you a hamburger.”

And that thought rounded the bend to the e-coli that gets ground into beef when it is not butchered carefully.

And about all the crap that gets ground into the church by those “certain individuals” – crap that drives people away from Jesus.  Crap that gives real Christians a bad name.

Not everyone who claims to be a Christian, and that includes some pastors, is a Christian. So don’t equate what “certain individuals” say with Christianity.

If you are looking for Jesus, you have to read what He actually said for yourself, so you know what’s crap and what’s not.

The Light at the end of the long, dark tunnel is Jesus, follow Him.

And order your burgers well done.

2222269171_2e8a44cc3a_ophoto: cyclonebill, Creative Commons



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