Put a Fork in Me, I’m Done.

I’m breaking up with Whole Foods.


My disenchantment began two years ago when I found these aliens in a can of green beans.

I tweeted this picture (and I almost NEVER tweet) @WholeFoods saying I was going to avoid their 365 brand. They responded almost immediately and  asked me to send all info via e-mail. I sent a picture of the can, the upc code, etc. They assured me they’d look into and get back to me.

That was June 5, 2014 and I haven’t heard a word. No explanation. No offer to replace the green beans (not that I would have bothered anyway), nothing.

Not cool.

I posted the pic on Facebook hoping one of my botanically inclined friends would know what the heck. No one did.

I don’t hold a grudge, though, so I kept my relationship with the big WF – avoiding the 365 brand.

But then last week I bought a bunch of stuff that I wouldn’t have bought had it not been on sale.  Things I use, but didn’t actually need at the moment – I had a newly opened package of Fig Newmans in the pantry, for example, but since they were on sale and the hub likes them, I threw a pack in my cart.  Same with a half gallon of milk – had an extra in the downstairs fridge already, but it’s on sale…. You get the idea.

Even with all the sale items the bill was high. As usual.

After I put away my loot, I scanned the receipt.  I was charged the full price on all but ONE of the many sale items I purchased.

I called the store and asked the chill young man who answered what a girl has to do to actually be charged the sale prices. He said, “Maybe the sale stickers were expired.” Then He put me on hold to transfer me to groceries.

Anyone who knows anything about grocery stores knows that if you don’t remove the sale stickers you have to honor the posted price. And someone was really sleeping at the switch because, if that was the case, the store was full of expired posted sale prices.

Anyone who knows anything about customer service knows that the first words out of your mouth in a case like this should be something along the lines of, “I’m sorry.” I’m sorry for the mix-up, I’m sorry for the inconvenience, I’m sorry for being far too chill.

I waited and waited and waited on hold and hung up. I’m not as chill as the young call-transferring man.

So I’m done. Whole Foods is not the only high-priced, organic game in town.




3 thoughts on “Put a Fork in Me, I’m Done.

  1. It’s amazing how such big brands have so bad customer service. I would have gone back to the store and ask for my money back! But also can see myself only realising I paid the full price after getting home. And yes, they’re not the only ones in the market.

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  2. How frustrating!!

    In the past, I’ve gotten the best results by writing letters to the corporate office. Now, the problem is dated and in writing—they have to address it.

    I don’t shop at Whole Paycheck—we don’t have one locally and I can source the same or better quality product for less or equal money elsewhere. With 5 mouths to feed on a single-income we have to be bargain hunters when it comes to organic food.

    I’m glad you have options!

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