Another Brick in the Wallet

I was looking out over a sea, well, maybe a pond, of beautiful faces.  Clean, fresh, well-mannered, beautiful faces.

We were talking about the dangers that can come at a kid.

A boy in the back raised his hand. A sixth grade boy.

“I used to play with my neighbor all the time.  Then he started looking at that stuff online. Now he never comes outside.”

I caught the eyes of a boy in the center of the room, just to my right, just before he hung his head. I saw it in his eyes.

I told them my friend’s story. The one I told you.

If you have kids, or love kids, you should probably read this, too.

Hey! Billion dollar porn industry! Leave them kids alone! All in all they’re just another bill in your wallet.





2 thoughts on “Another Brick in the Wallet

  1. I read the story before, at some point, and found it deeply affecting, just as I did this morning. If you could sit in my office with me for just a week or two, you would have no doubt about the profound impact of porn.

    I hate the devil.

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