Fish Fry

I know very little about FBI director James Comey. Very little. One thing, actually, and only through hearsay. In the week or so leading up to his report some who know him said he is an honest man.

So it was with that one bit of information that I listened to his indicting non-indictment.

The hub and I speculated:

Blackmailed? No, I countered, if he is honest then there would be no injurious information to hold over him.

Threatened in a Washington mafia sort of way? He and his family? The Clintons do have a bit of a reputation. Not out of the realm of possibility.

Bought? I hope not. Time will tell.

Bigger Clintonian fish to fry? I hope so.

Whatever the reason, he looked like a man speaking under duress. And even though he played us for stupid with his “misinterpretation” of the requirements of the statute, I am giving him the benefit of the doubt. I am believing that he was trying to tell us she is guilty even though he wasn’t permitted to indict.

Today’s prompt word is “false.”  I looked it up in the dictionary hoping an obscure definition would inspire me.

There beneath definition 4, in the phrases section, was a picture of Mr. Comey along with this phrase:

false position
a situation in which one is compelled to act in a manner inconsistent with one’s true nature or principles.

Honest? Perhaps.

Brave? Maybe not.

Something up his sleeve? God I hope so.


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