Pea Green & Still

Elkl Rapids marina storm

My mom said the air suddenly became very still that humid June evening as she stood at the kitchen window washing the dinner dishes. The air became still and the sky turned green, like pea soup.

In that split second she heard what sounded like a freight train barrelling through as she watched my dad throw grandma to the ground, laying on top of her until the storm passed.

There were downed trees and power lines everywhere in the aftermath, blocking the roads, making my dad’s search for grandpa difficult. Making the trip to the hospital difficult.

The tornado carried grandpa a mile and then just dropped him.

116 people died. Grandpa walked with a limp.

Now, when the sirens go off, I look for the stillness. I look for that pea green sky. I listen for that freight train. And I stay close to the basement.

You can read more about that epic, historic, F5 storm here.

And speaking of tornadoes: Let Go of the Dang Door!



8 thoughts on “Pea Green & Still

  1. We have what is called the cyclone season and summer time down under is when they roll in. The north coast of West Australia and tropical north Queensland on the eastern coast are the principal areas. Darwin in the Northern Territory gets it’s share too. In fact, Cyclone Tracy struck Darwin on Xmas Eve, 1974 and lasted right through Xmas Day. 71 people were killed and 70% of Darwin’s buildings were destroyed along with 80% of the houses.
    Fortunately such a disaster has never befallen us again.

    The north of Australia experiences what we call The Wet Season in summer and it can put a dampener, no pun intended on visiting the far north.

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    • “Tropical north” and Christmas in the summer, funny notions to one who lives in the northern hemisphere.

      I read that your cyclones spin clockwise while ours spin counterclockwise.


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