Cake and Ice Cream

Back in June my daughter shared a bit of local news:

A woman drop-kicked a birthday cake at Kroger because it didn’t turn out as she imagined.

When they couldn’t fix it to her liking she pushed her way behind the bakery counter and attempted to fix it herself. She was then told she could not be in the food prep area so she took her cake, headed toward the front door and then… you know.

“They ruined my son’s birthday,” she yelled, as she stomped on the cake.

“Whoa!,” I commented, “There’s a lot more there to ruin that child’s birthday than the cake.”

Wound tight and wound cheap.

If your Batman vs. Superman cake HAS to be perfect in order for your 7-year-old’s birthday party to be anything but ruined, you order from Charm City Cakes, not Kroger.

Kroger prices and reasonable Kroger expectations do not warrant drop-kicking anything.

Charm City expectations and prices – airfare and all – do not warrant drop-kicking anything either for that matter. But disappointment would be understandable.

If your Batman vs. Superman cake HAS to be perfect in order for you to give the illusion that you are the perfect mom and/or the perfect birthday party thrower, then you need some perspective. And a very large chill pill.

We shrugged and laughed – another high maintenance customer. Sightings are frequent around here.

I chalked it up to a frayed rope; the straw that broke the camel’s back.

But today she is back in the news.

Last summer she smacked a worker in an ice cream parlor because they didn’t have the flavor she wanted. Just smacked and ran. No birthday party pressure that day. Stopping for an ice cream cone – alone – has got to be about as pressure free as it gets.

Eleven months later the manager of the ice cream shop read a newspaper article about the Kroger incident and recognized the assailant as the same woman from the attack in her shop.


The look on her attorney’s face says it all.

You can see the ice cream surveillance tape here: Cake and ice cream.

What the heck?

I was in the customer service line at Walmart one day a few years ago. A man was trying to return a television set.  He had no box, just the TV- the old, heavy, hard-to-get-your-arms-around kind.

The young woman behind the counter explained that the TV could not take be returned because Walmart no longer sells that particular television – hasn’t for years.

The man did a lot of yelling, grabbed the TV off the counter and took a few steps toward the door.

Suddenly he turned, walked briskly back, flung the TV over the customer service counter while yelling, “It doesn’t do me any good if it doesn’t work!” and then stormed out.

I don’t know whether he was stopped on his way out or whether the very young customer service worker was too stunned to react, but he should have been. He should have been charged with disorderly conduct, with disturbing the peace – my peace – and for destruction of property.  He should have been made to sweep up the broken glass.

My friend, Helen, used to run impulse-control groups at a prison on Saturdays.  (Just imagine that for a minute – a woman alone in a room with a group of men who lack impulse control.)

According to her, lack of impulse control is a huge issue among inmates. Well, yeah.

At the bond hearing for the ice cream assault, the judge said the woman is not allowed to own a firearm or any sort of weapon.

So now I’m wondering a few things:

  1. At what developmental stage is impulse control acquired?
  2. What factors prevent acquiring it?
  3. Is there a test for impulse control – or lack thereof – that could be administered before the issuing of a gun license.  Not that those who lack impulse control would have the patience to apply for a gun license. Or the self-control to refrain from striking the person who denied it.

All this over cake and ice cream.

The world has gone mad.


10 thoughts on “Cake and Ice Cream

  1. This is becoming far too common.

    I agree, there is definitely a lack of impulse control, but could it also be the failure to teach and drill in manners?

    I think that bad behavior is continually rewarded when the media awards 15 minutes or 15 days of fame to thugs who shoot at cops, people who loot stores in the name of “justice” and youtube videos of ranting fools.

    Sometimes you just shake your head and ask God to give you grace for your own faults and protect you from the insanity…

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  2. Alma Mater says:

    How sad. This reminds me of a woman in the hospital bed next to mine last year. She was an elderly woman, and so very mean to hospital staff. Just nasty, and would yell and complain and accuse the nurses of things. I really felt so bad for the nurses who had to deal with it. I tried to be extra nice to them to make up for it. And when the woman’s son arrived to pick her up on her last day there, it was just so obvious that he was so very tired of dealing with her. He showed no affect at all in his speech or facial expression when talking to her, no matter what she said or did. He had built such a wall of lifelessness in order to prevent his mother from getting into his emotional being. I felt sad for him, and I felt even sadder for her. She must do this to every relationship she has.

    When I read your story of this woman, i thought of her poor little son, who probably wouldn’t care less about his birthday cake if only his mother wouldn’t ruin his day with her behaviour. That poor little son will grow up just like the grown-up son of the woman in the bed next to mine last year.

    And this woman, who ruins everything in her life, likely has no idea that the problem is her.


  3. Wow, I had not heard that cake story before but it sure does speak volumes. Funny yes and you did make me laugh but sad too that our society seems to be coming unraveled so much. I drive a lot and see this type of behavior on the road all the time, it’s scary!


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