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Local Color

We had hoped to get up north for a color tour. But then the beagle was diagnosed. So I’m settling for the color in my neighborhood. I captured a bit of it on our walk today.


I’ve been letting the beagle choose our route.


Today she wanted to take the path along the woods.


Which leads to an abandoned school.




Hey, Be…


…Let’s get home before it rains.


She was unconcerned.


The sky let loose as soon as we walked through the door.


When the rain stopped it was Maxy’s turn.


Good boy.


Yep, buddy, I think that was thunder.


I like the way the muted reds and yellows match my brick. Still waiting for my hazel to turn a brilliant  yellow.


And I love how the trees in my backyard are a gnarly mess.


It’s not the Tahquamenon Falls, but it’ll do.



12 thoughts on “Local Color

  1. Such gorgeous trees! You have a beautiful neighborhood. We don’t have much color here this year but the leaves sure are falling. We also broke a weather record yesterday for the warmest November 1st ever! My car thermometer was reading 92 so it sure didn’t feel like November. I can’t remember ever having such a warm Halloween as we did this year..

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      • I know exactly where that is. We lived in Iron for a couple of years before coming to Pennsylvania. The town is showing the results of the end of mining up there, and has become a little run down. But the woods are still beautiful. Terry loves it up there.

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