The 50-yr-old and the Pea

Remember The Princess and the Pea? The hub and I watched a local K-12 production of it tonight.

It’s not that I disliked the story as a child, I just couldn’t relate.

I rooted for the delicate princess to pass the test, but I didn’t feel her.

I slept on the lumpy ground all the time – rocks and roots and mounds beneath my thin sleeping bag. Slept like a baby.

Now though.

Now at fifty + I can no longer sleep on the ground.

In my thirties I started needing an air mattress when I camped.

In my forties I needed thick memory foam.

Now I need room service.

Not really, but I do need a mattress AND a memory foam topper.

And a hot shower.

A twenty year old who can feel a pea under a pile of mattresses isn’t a princess, she’s a wimp.

Make the heroine a fifty year old and you’ve got a story.




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