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Mr. Trump Goes to Washington?

I’m an election returns junkie and as such I have been parked in front of my tv all night.

Almost forgot my NaBloPoMo post.

I got nothin’ except a picture of my friend, supervising the making of her breakfast.


These are the good old days.

Happy Returns, I’ll be up ’til the bitter end.



14 thoughts on “Mr. Trump Goes to Washington?

  1. I couldn’t stick it out. Went to bed @ 10 p.m. Have to admit I was surprised when I woke to an upset for Hillary. I can almost find it in my heart to feel sorry for her. Almost. I just wish I were happier about the winner.

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  2. Mrs. Boots says:

    The people have spoken. They are sick of “bought” people in Washington, and he has really tapped into that feeling of disillusionment. I was up all night glued to the internet. Good for him.

    When I look at Canada’s Trudeau, and America’s Trump, it makes me laugh. They are so different, in every way. I wish we had someone a little Trumpier here.

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      • Mrs. Boots says:

        Yeah, that could be one of way of describing him. He is also the (very pretty) face of the establishment, albeit for the new generation. His father Pierre Trudeau was a former Prime Minister of Canada (back in the 60s). I don’t remember Pierre, but Justin kowtows to every special interest group. I don’t understand how the Liberals manage to pander to Muslims and to the LGBT at the same time. Aren’t these groups incredibly ideologically opposed to each other? How do the Liberals live with such cognitive dissonance?

        Anyway, while on the campaign trail, Justin once hosted a Ladies’ Evening where he invited women to ask him hard-hitting questions like “what’s your favourite virtue?” and “who are your heroes?” It was advertized with art-deco pamphlets and looked like it had been put together by the editors of Teen Beat magazine. Incredibly patronizing. But he is so good-looking that I guess they thought his sex appeal would win the female vote.

        Definitely not Trumpy. He is a media favourite, very Obama-like in his appeal. Young, beautifully coiffed, a lovely dignified wife, great stage presence, and always politically correct, yet not afraid to seem approachable. He famously hung out in downtown Montreal and greeted people on a subway platform the day or two after he won the election. I seem to remember he and his wife dancing in public somewhere, too. I can’t remember what that was about. But he doesn’t seem as intelligent as Obama.

        Oh well. I’ll stop there. That’s more than you ever needed or wanted to know about Canada’s PM. 😉

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