23 thoughts on “We’re Not Just Whistling Dixie

    • Thank you so much Gail. The doc sent blood and fecal samples to the lab, she’ll have the results by Wednesday. She didn’t feel anything unusual or scary during the rectal exam and she didn’t seem too concerned about the amount of blood – it freaked me out, but she said it’s not uncommon. She put Dixie on a bland diet and a week’s worth of metronidazole to bring down any inflammation that may be present. If the bleeding doesn’t stop within a week and the lab results don’t provide answers she’ll send her for a colonoscopy.

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        • Good news Gail!

          “Things” looked a lot more normal on her walk yesterday.

          The doc called this morning: Dixie’s blood chemistry looks great, thyroid is normal, stool sample negative for parasites. Doc said to finish the metronidazole and continue the bland diet until her stool is well formed. If we continue to notice blood we need to bring her back in, otherwise we can chalk it up to large bowel irritation – possibly due to change of diet and stress.


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