House of I Feel Like I Need A Shower

My daughter recently started watching season one of House of Cards, and since I’ve often enjoyed Kevin Spacey’s acting, I decided to watch it with her.

The other night we watched several episodes and then last night, after trying out a new taco joint, we settled in for a few more.



The tacos were good.

After watching about six episodes I can say that nothing good has been added to my life.

There are no sympathetic characters, no one to get behind, to root for, to cheer.

They all lie, manipulate, say and do whatever it takes to get what they want.  There’s no fidelity – marital or professional – there’s no integrity.

There is nothing in any of them that inspires me, nothing I want in my life.

After watching three sleazy hours worth, I thought about the morning I had talking to sixth graders about purity, integrity, honesty, about treasuring one another and treating one another with respect.

That’s where I want to dwell.

Francis Underwood would scoff at my little life – devoid of political power and sleaze – but I like it.

I like talking to kids and having one of them come up to me afterward, throw his arms around my legs – because I’m tall and he’s short – and thank me for telling him the truth.

I like honesty and fidelity and integrity.

So I’m leaving Washington behind.

Unless, in a moment of weakness, I choose an evening of mother/daughter bonding over the health and well-being of my soul.

Speaking of mother/daughter bonding and binge-watching, I’m heading to my mom’s house to binge watch Homeland…. we’re somewhere in season 4.



2 thoughts on “House of I Feel Like I Need A Shower

  1. I have felt that way watching certain shows as well. Mine usually run along the lines of, “that’s an hour of my life I can’t get back!” But yes, some movies/shows almost make one feel tainted. Our children are exposed to these at an ever younger age along with the cringe-worthy news cycle and social media feeds. It’s tough!

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