As I stood in front of the mirror rolling my hair, the early morning sun shining through the window behind me,  I noticed that my blue eyes looked exceptionally blue.  Must be the blue dress I’m wearing.

My mind went to the sixth graders to whom I spoke last week.  They were telling me what they like about their appearance and what they like about their inner qualities.  One of the girls said, “I like how my eyes change color.”

“According to the time of day and what you’re wearing, you mean?,” I asked.

“Yes,” she nodded.

“Your eyes are lovely,” I affirmed.

I affirm each child as they tell me what they like about themselves.

And as I rolled the last section of hair it occurred to me that that is precisely why sixth graders love my talk.

I am God for them.

More precisely I am the part of God who delights in them.

Later in the lesson, as I point out the land mines that are lurking in adolescence, I am God’s voice saying, “This is the way, walk in it.”

And they appreciate knowing what’s what.

Later this morning, the bearers of the cross, the giant gold Bible, and the lanterns processed midway down the aisle and stopped, just as they do every Sunday. The Bible was opened and the deacon read from the gospels. And I love it. I love that the procession into the aisle represents Jesus coming among us.  Jesus telling us His good news – not from afar, but from within our midst.

I jotted in my bulletin, “I want to bring an aspect of God whenever I speak – mercy, compassion, love, grace, guidance, delight.”

Wouldn’t that be something?

To bring God’s delight within a midst?

To leave each person with a sense that God finds him/her delightful?

Mr. Rogers was good at that.

I think I’ll make it my prayer.

For now, I’ll ask you what I always ask them:

What 3 things do you like most about your appearance?

What 3 things do you like most about your character/inner beauty?






19 thoughts on “Delight

      • It’s a bit disappointing when readers don’t respond to questions in a blog post. I like getting to know them.

        And I like your questions.

        I posted last week about asking the gals in Bible Study to tell us one wonderful thing about themselves. They had trouble answering. Yet I know them all to be wonderful people!

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        • When I was young, liking something about oneself was discouraged, it was considered bragging. I never dared say I liked my looks or abilities. When I first started speaking to kids I had to tell them that it’s okay to like stuff about themselves, that they are bragging on God – the Artist who made them. Nowadays I don’t have to encourage them. This new generation readily names their strengths.

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  1. I like my shiny silvery hair; I like the deep brown of my eyes; I like my relatively wrinkle-free skin due to the hated oiliness and acne of my teen years.

    I like my endless desire to know my Savior; I like my lifelong love of reading/learning; I like my love of teaching and writing.

    This would have been a lot harder for me when I was much younger, because I would have felt that I was bragging, overly fond of myself. Satan stirs what is already there in terms of selfishness and conceit. Usually, it’s not until we’re a bit more seasoned that we can recognize good qualities without thinking we created them ourselves 🙂

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    • I’ll bet your shiny silvery hair is lovely when the sun sparkles on it. Isn’t it so nice when an adolescent bane becomes a blessing?

      I appreciate your ❤ for God, too.

      I'm with you – I wouldn't have dared admit I liked anything about myself when I was young – mainly because my sisters would have pounced all over me.

      Now that I'm old enough and confident enough to do so, all my likes seem to be in the past tense.

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  2. Wonderful post…we should all try to be the example of GOD, everywhere we go 🙂

    I have come to like my mousy brown/blonde hair. It is changing with age, and I’m not even opposed to the silver strands that are beginning to appear.
    I like my hazel eyes…in a world of blue and brown…they make me feel rather unique.
    I like my smile…even with my imperfect teeth, my smile seems to brighten the world of those who see it 🙂
    I like my hunger for GOD’s word.
    I like that I am a fast learner, and always looking for that next new thing that will aid me in the work that HE has called me to do.
    I like that I easily laugh, and do it often.

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