I’m not usually one to beg…

But it’s time to plan another retreat.

This time around I want to have it here, at Turnip Rock:

Turnip Rock.jpeg

And I need your help/advice.

I want those who attend to interact with one of the Bible studies I wrote ahead of time so we can discuss the concepts without me having to take much time to teach.

So, I’m thinking maybe I’ll publish the study on my blog.

And link it to Facebook.

That way bloggers and non-bloggers alike can join the discussion.

Then I’ll invite the best participators to the retreat.

All-expense paid.  (Except the cost of getting there.)

So what do I need to know about linking a Bible study discussion to Facebook, etc.?

Will people participate?

Have you ever done anything like this?  Will you teach me all you know?

I just linked my blog to the Light & life Facebook page I created quite awhile back and then pretty much abandoned.

And I added a “Follow me on Facebook” button to my blog’s menu.

But does anyone even look at my menu? Ever?

I don’t really have any other place for it since I don’t have a sidebar.

Unless it’s possible to put it at the bottom of each post near the comment space. Is it?

Am I even asking the right questions?

Just tell me everything you know.











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