The 57 year dash.

I may have told you this before, but I was the fastest kid in the fourth grade.

It became a proven fact when I won a race off at recess against Steve Yauk – the fastest boy in the fourth grade.

Back then we ran the 100-yard-dash in gym class.  To get the President’s Physical Fitness Award. And I was fast.

Now that I am much older, I can hardly run 100 yards at all without my knees or ankles seizing.

Time dashes differently than we do.

We get slower and it gets faster.





5 thoughts on “The 57 year dash.

  1. Oh my God what memories your brought back with your post! I too was the fastest girl in my 4th grade class and had a showdown with the fastest boy were we drew a tie on the 50 yard dash. I remember that Presidential Fitness award too signed by Ronald Reagan!

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