Public Service Announcement: It Ought to Come with a Warning

Last I heard, six partners or more is considered medically promiscuous. That’s six total partners – consecutive and/or concurrent. I grew up with a girl who became sexually involved with a man from the neighborhood. She was sixteen, he was thirty-two and married – he said his wife was a bitch. She was too young […]

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The Fabled Rib

Whenever I see something that causes my soul to despair the opening line of Paint it Black (Rolling Stones) hums in my head. This morning, skipping church to look after Dixie, I had a little internet with my coffee and I discovered that the same people who brought us The Mask You Live In (the […]

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Going There Again

Just a quick observation, because it’s time: Have you noticed that whenever a Mark Driscoll wannabe promulgates misogynistic nonsense he quotes only Paul? And when a (presumably) well-intentioned pastor preaches on the leadership of men, he too exclusively quotes Paul. Blogging pastors who warn Christian men against marrying 10 types of women also quote Paul. […]

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Apparently I blew some minds Sunday morning; completely blew the doors off the place. That’s what one of the congregants texted our out-of-town pastor after the service: Well…the way the preacher completely blew the doors off the place talking about todays reading in Genesis is firm proof women should be preaching. Another commented: She blew […]