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  2. I’ve nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award – the details are in my latest blog post. I see I’m not the first to do so, so please don’t feel under any obligation to respond and complete all the requirements. Just keep your lovely blog going.

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  3. Yes, I think I would enjoy a cup of coffee and conversation about God and Faith, food and healthy living. More importantly, I would like to know more about your ministry to the women on the streets. I am a former PK (preacher’s kid) and trained as a Social Worker with experience with sexual abuse victims and jail experience with prostitutes, who has now retired. I have been waiting to hear God’s voice about where I go next – and – while I wait, I am interested in your experiences. I see that you are interested in remain anonymous, but whatever you can share, I am interested in absornbinb.

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    • Thank you Celia. Until recently, my ministry has been to middle school and high school students (and sometimes college). I have been talking to them about making healthy dating decisions and laying the foundation for a happy, healthy marriage.

      A few years ago I wrote a Bible study on when, why and how male/female relationships went so awry. I piloted it with a group of young adults and then with a couple of groups of women. In sharing it with the women, I learned that it really resonated with those who came from certain backgrounds and I wondered whether it would be helpful to those who had been caught in the web of human trafficking, etc.

      So, I contacted a ministry that reaches out to prostitutes and invited them to a retreat where I could share some of the concepts from the Bible study that I thought might be helpful to them as they minister to others. I also invited them to bring some of the women who had come out of that life as a result of their outreach (those who have been clean for at least three years.) I wanted to hear their stories and learn from them. And I wanted them all to have some well deserved rest and some time away from the pressures of life to just enjoy God.

      All this to say that I haven’t really been working with women on the streets except to bless them with the retreat. But, I am very happy to say, I received a phone call the other day from the woman who heads up the street outreach. The women who went on the retreat are gathering in a few weeks and she invited me to join them. So who knows?

      May I ask where you live?

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  4. Why are you reluctant? Because Christ is bigger than denominations? Because He is challenged by sectarian spirit and competition. Because He is the destination and not some assembly’s tradition or warm atmosphere. Because He has sent another Comforter who is not to be ignored or stifled. Because scripture is only the road-map and daily vitamin. I think I’m starting to get it my Friend and fellow writer. Join with me in looking again at Hebrews 13…Doug

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  5. gabriela d. martin says:

    I love your posts. Well, I only have read a few (I just stumbled upon the one you posted today, Dec. 18th), but I already love your style. Cheerful and honest and charming. You must be also a very lovely troublemaker, I can tell.
    I love God too. Non-denominational church here in Northern California. Many blessings.

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  6. I expect I will enjoy your blog very much, I grew up Catholic and in 2006 became a Baptist. I am reluctant at times too lol…

    I am writing to ask if you could point me to a tutorial on how to make the separate categories ie you have HOME, ABOUT, STORIES FROM THE ISLAND, etc. My blog is new and very disorganized and I’d like to fix that (I also use Ryn)


    • Hello k, welcome to my blog! I don’t know of any Ryu tutorials but I’m sure they exist. It doesn’t seem like Ryu has as many options as some of the other themes. Try googling it or typing it into WP help. I’m just figuring it out by trial and error. Here is how to add categories to your menu bar:

      Click on Appearance then Menus.
      Click Categories in the left column and you will see a list of all your categories.
      Check the ones you want to be included in your menu and then click Add to Menu.

      If you don’t have categories yet, go back and add them to each post.

      I hope this helps. Let me know if you need more info (like how to click on Appearance, etc.)

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  7. I’ve been meaning to pass on some information to you since you are so involved in the Lord and His ministry, because I thought you might enjoy some of the things posted on my two ministry blogs as well. “Hangin’ Out With God” gets response and input from many other ministries, and you might want to connect with some of them too. “Healing From Jesus” gets hundreds of visits each month from well over a hundred nations — from people who need the Lord and His healing touch. They don’t often comment on that site, but they do e-mail us at the ministry for prayer requests. When I first put that site up, I did not try to advertise it or draw people to it. But the Lord just started drawing people by the thousands because there are so many out there who need His help.

    Anyway, I’ll give you the links here in case you want to visit either of those sites at some time in the future. You will find comments on “Hangin’ Out” from other Christians who blog, and then you can follow those links if you’d like to connect with them.

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  9. No longer ‘anonymous’ – that’s awesome! I have some catching up to do on your blog 🙂 it’s taking me a bit of adjustment to be calling you by your real name!


  10. It’s always pleasing to learn that there are still individuals around who have strong beliefs and values but are tolerant of others who do not share the same opinions and attitudes. I’m a non church going christian with quite liberal views but strong ethical principles.
    I enjoy reading your blogs and its more than pleasing to see you are developing your own attitudes to the standard approaches to life taken by the churches. Go for it with enthusiasm.

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    • Thanks waffle. I’ve been procrastinating. Though I’m flattered, I’m also feeling like I ought to respond with a CREATIVE post. And I fear I’m not. But I will… One of these days…


    • Welcome Dawn, I think I’m going to like you! I do like apologetics in that I like logic, reasoning things out and a good, clean (even heated) debate. I don’t do a lot of that sort of reading anymore, but when I did, I liked the classics – More Than a Carpenter, Evidence That Demands a Verdict, The Case for Christ. I have to admit I don’t know who is writing what these days. I feel just fine about a hot pot of tea, but coffee is my first love.

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  11. Hi Julie, thanks so much for the follow. I’m so glad it brought me here! I look forward to reading more of your fun and creative posts. . . . Wish we were closer and I’d take you up on that cup of coffee and gooey baked good! 🙂 Blessings, KD

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  12. “Your life is a story. Each day you get to write a new page. So try to fill those pages with responsibility to God first, to others, and to yourself. If you do, in the end you will not be disappointed!”

    I do hope you published your book by God’s grace, AMEN!!!

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    • I don’t know what this means, but here you go, comment approved.

      Note: Comments that contain a link are automatically held in the queue for approval, so I don’t always see them right away, if ever.


  13. Hi, Julie. I noticed you don’t have any place open for comments on your newest post “Most.” Frankly, I don’t blame you, considering some of the comments you might get. But I just want to tell you that it is a great article, and so, so needed.

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  14. In the Spring of 1967 at the LA induction center, I was as my religion. I wasn’t sure what to say. They stamped Protestant on my dog tags. A year later, in Vietnam I had no doubt….. I look forward to following your blog. You seem like someone I should know.

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