Gloom & Raspberries

Could we foresee it, there are times when children might seem like innocent prisoners condemned not to death but to life and as yet all too unconscious of what their sentence means. Nevertheless, every man desires to reach old age… a state of life of which it may be said “it is bad today, and every day it will get worse, until the worst of all happens.” – Arthur Schopenhauer

I plucked that cheery quote from a book I’m reading. It is the longer version of a sentiment I saw emblazoned upon a black t-shirt, which was hanging in a store window on my college campus way back then: Life is hard and then you die.

The last part – “every day it will get worse, until the worst happens” – made me think of my poor Max.

It was horrible to lose Lucybee and Bebe to cancer when they were still in their prime but is also sad to watch your previously very active and athletic buddy boy deteriorate from old age. Physically and mentally.

My hope is always that my four legged friends will die old and full of years, that they will be well and happy when they go, all curled up in their favorite chair, the familiar sounds of their loving family life lulling them to their final sleep.

But I guess it doesn’t happen that way.

Just for you, just now, just to brighten this post up a bit,


I went outside and plucked some raspberries.


They are delicious.