Nothing Says Christmas Like a Roofie

About this time last year I called out The Christmas Date Rape Song aka Baby It’s Cold Outside.

Yesterday my daughter was in a huff because a Detroit radio station is promo-ing husband/wife duo Johnnyswim’s upcoming Christmas concert with that song.

This week the internet has called out Bloomingdale’s for a creepy lapse in judgment which appeared in their 2015 Christmas catalogue:

roofie 2

Bloomingdale’s swiftly issued an apology:  “In reflection of recent feedback,” it said in a statement, “the copy we used in our current catalog was inappropriate and in poor taste. Bloomingdale’s sincerely apologizes for this error in judgment.”

Yay Bloomies for seeing the error of your date-rape promoting ways. Now if we could just lose the lyrics, too.



Baby It’s Inappropriate Inside!

minimalist cookie

Today’s prompt has me featuring a bookcase, something cracked and a song I love. I’m up for the challenge.  I’ll even throw in a song I don’t love.

101 Hymn Stories stands smack dab in the middle of my bookcase.  In it are the stories behind some of my favorite hymns – including Battle Hymn of the Republic and Day By Day.  There are also some Christmas carols, such as Silent Night and O Little Town of Bethlehem.

What you won’t find in the book is the song, “Baby It’s Cold Outside”, or, as I call it, “The Christmas Date Rape Song.”

Momma will talk you through it:

Her:  I really can’t stay   [Good girl]
Him:  Baby it’s cold outside
Her:  I gotta go away  [Yes you do]
Him:  Baby it’s cold outside [He said that already]
Her:  This evening has been
Him:  Been hoping that you’d drop by [Don’t chase boys baby girl]
Her:  So very nice
Him:  I’ll hold your hands they’re just like ice
Her:  My mother will start to worry [Yes she will]
Him:  Beautiful what’s your hurry?  [Beautiful?  Is that all you are because he sure isn’t listening to you?]
Her:  My father will be pacing the floor [Yes he will]
Him:  Listen to the fireplace roar  [He’s still not listening]
Her:  So really I better scurry [Yes, baby, scurry]
Him:  Beautiful please don’t hurry [Still not listening, still not respecting your wishes]
Her:  Well maybe just a half a drink more [No baby]
Him:  Put some records on while I pour
Her:  The neighbors might think
Him:  Baby it’s bad out there
Her:  Say.. what’s in this drink?  [Is this not a date rape song?]
Him:  No cabs to be had out there [If he cared about you he would give you a ride home]
Her:  I wish I knew how
Him:  Your eyes are like starlight now [Your eyes?  What about your heart, your soul, your virtue?]
Her:  To break this spell [just say, “buh-bye”]
Him:  I’ll take your hat, your hair looks swell [again with the looks?]
Her:  I ought to say no, no, no sir [you ought to just go, go, go girl]
Him:  Mind if move in closer?
Her:  At least I’m gonna say that I tried [okay now you’re bugging me]
Him:  What’s the sense of hurtin’ my pride?
Her:  I really can’t stay [bugging me]
Him:  Baby don’t hold out
(Both) Ahh but its cold outside! [bugging me]
Her:  I simply must go [bugging me]
Him:  But baby it’s cold outside
Her:  The answer is no [actions speak louder than words]
Him:  But baby it’s cold outside
Her:  This welcome has been
Him:  How lucky that you dropped in [he’s a weeny]
Her:  So nice and warm
Him:  Look out the window at that storm
Her:  My sister will be suspicious
Him:  Gosh your lips look delicious! [Okay, you clearly don’t have the self-esteem to leave, but I do…]

There is something cracked about a Christmas song that celebrates low self-esteem, a booty call and rohypnol.  Call me old-fashioned.