Workout Wednesday

My blood pressure is low to begin with.  And I am chronically dehydrated.  So if I don’t drink at least 16 ounces of water before I go to the gym my heart rate won’t even register.

This morning I was on the treadmill for 10 minutes and my heart rate was only 60.  I use the cardio program so the incline increases gradually until you reach your target heart rate and then it adjusts accordingly.  The incline 10 minutes in this morning was 8+ and I was still only registering a heart rate of 60.  I was red-faced, perspiring and breathing heavy.  There is no way my heart rate is only 60. This machine is going to kill me if it doesn’t register an increase soon.

The incline increased to 10 and still nothing.  I switched the program to random to prevent a heart attack and set the incline at 5.5.  My heart rate finally climbed to 112.  Okay, now we’re getting somewhere.  But not somewhere enough.

I pulled myself out of my thoughts to investigate.  As soon as I got out of my head and into my surroundings and engaged with the music that was blaring from my earbuds, my heart rate registered 154 – which is dangerously close to the limit for a woman my age.

I set the program back to cardio in order to keep a steady heart rate and went back to my thoughts.

I started wondering some stuff:

Does a person’s body go into a low biorhythmic zen state when deep in thought?  Deep in pleasant or neutral thoughts that is – angry thoughts surely raise the heart rate.  Is that why my blood pressure is always so low?

Does the mind trump the body – does deep in thought trump walking at 3.7 miles per hour up an incline of 10 on the treadmill?  Or was I just on a bum machine?

All I know is that when I went back to my thoughts my heart rate dropped to the mid-one twenties.  I had to actively engage with the music to stay at my target rate of 132.

I’m going to tag this fitness, etc. and hope an exercise physiologist and/or exercise guru or two will shed some light.

Cool down song of the day: