Stories from the Island

Tucked In


I am back from the Island all tucked into bed with my computer, a pile of kleenex, chicken soup and Nyquil.  My brain has the same texture and color as the sky that greeted our arrival on Friday – gray, thick. foggy – and my nose is just as drizzling.

There is a lot to process and say about these last few days – observations on joyful redemption and lessons on how it is done, for starters.  But drowsiness is threatening to overtake me.  Had to cancel today’s trip to Chicago.

I’ll write more soon, friends.  Just wanted to let you know that I am home – safe and sound and sick.

Jesus, Light, love

It’s Not My Story

It’s not what I would want people to know about me, it’s what I would want them to know about God.

I would tell them that He knows them, He loves them and He is near enough to help them.

I would tell them about the gift He gave my sister.  After the surgery to remove as much of the stage four cancer that could be removed, after everyone left her bedside and she was alone in her hospital room, suddenly gripped with overwhelming fear, He gave her peace.   Palpable peace that continues to sustain her on the toughest days of her battle.

If they were interested I might tell them about the time He sent an angel in a red sports car to simultaneously rescue me and a couple living in another state.

If I thought someone in the room needed to hear it, I would tell about the time I was falsely accused by a co-worker.  I would tell how I trusted Him when He told me to remain silent, like a lamb before its shearer, while He revealed the truth.  I would tell how brilliantly He undertook for me.

If there was a newly single mom in the room, I would share a few of the many ways He provided for me after my first husband abandoned us, leaving me to rear our two year old daughter alone on a non-profit ministry salary.  I would for sure tell the David and Goliath story of how He helped me overcome a formidable foe.

And I will tell you, dear reader, that no matter what is breaking your precious heart, no matter what is causing you fear or dread, no matter what you face today, He sees you, He knows you, He loves you.  And He is near enough to help you.

Light, love

Unconditional Love and Blessings

Bob Goff, whom I like a whole lot, tweeted this today: “God doesn’t trade love for good conduct.”

And while Bob is 100% correct, it is important that we don’t confuse God’s love with His blessings.

I’m all for the trend to help people break free from performance-based thinking, but the pendulum may swing to the point of ripping people off.

Here’s what I mean (and forgive me for such a simplistic explanation):

Let’s say I promise to buy each of my children an ice cream cone if they clean their rooms.

And let’s say one of my precious children announces to the others that, “Mom doesn’t trade love for good conduct.”

Some of my children, secure in my love, may choose to opt out of the task.

And while it is true that all of my children would still have all of my love, only some would have my love and an ice cream cone.

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