Light, love

Unconditional Love and Blessings

Bob Goff, whom I like a whole lot, tweeted this today: “God doesn’t trade love for good conduct.”

And while Bob is 100% correct, it is important that we don’t confuse God’s love with His blessings.

I’m all for the trend to help people break free from performance-based thinking, but the pendulum may swing to the point of ripping people off.

Here’s what I mean (and forgive me for such a simplistic explanation):

Let’s say I promise to buy each of my children an ice cream cone if they clean their rooms.

And let’s say one of my precious children announces to the others that, “Mom doesn’t trade love for good conduct.”

Some of my children, secure in my love, may choose to opt out of the task.

And while it is true that all of my children would still have all of my love, only some would have my love and an ice cream cone.