Aha & Amen: Do You Speak Christianese?

Here I go, messing with the Christian status quo…

Legalese, the language of lawyers, makes everything sound so complicated.  It’s a trick, to make you think you need them, even for the simplest of tasks.

I’m pretty good at understanding legal documents, so over the years various friends and family have asked me to translate for them.  The first step is to eliminate 75% of the words – the “heretofore”s, the “to wit”s, the “aforementioned”s and the redundant phrases.

Fortunately, while looking something up today, I discovered that there is a movement to simplify the language of legal documents, so regular folks can understand them.


My face breaks out into a wry smile whenever I get into a discussion/debate with a fellow Christian (it’s almost always with a man) and, upon being challenged, he breaks out words like hermeneutics and dispensationalism and eschatology.  To intimidate me, to let me know that he is out of my league.  Except he’s not.  I know what all those words mean and I can use them with the best of ‘em.  But I don’t.

Because Jesus didn’t.

Jesus used language his hearers could understand.  He talked fishing to fishermen, farming to farmers, legalese to Pharisees.  Granted, sometimes He spoke in parables, to weed out those who had no ears to hear, but to those who did have ears, He spoke plainly and simply.

My daughter has remarked that all she has to do is sprinkle some Christian phrases into her tumblr posts and she instantly gets a ton of “notes” (likes and reblogs).  She’s tried it a few times.  I resist that temptation.

But I think it might be fun to do a little experiment:  Write a post with easily recognizable Christian phrases and then write a post that has EXACTLY THE SAME MEANING, but without the phrases.  See which one does better.  I’m guessing the former would win by a landslide.

Too often we Christians “like” anything that sounds Christian, and we are suspicious of anything that lacks the proper Christianese.

I wonder what would happen if we took it one step further:  Write a post that sounds really Christian, but is actually theological gibberish.  And then write a post that hits the theological nail squarely and brilliantly on the head, but includes absolutely no Christian jargon.

I’d be willing to bet the first post would win again.  Except that Christians don’t bet.

When you know God well – His character, His purposes, His love – you can use Him in a sentence.  You can apply your knowledge of His character, purposes and love to various situations and to the mindset and experience of a variety of people.  Because you know that it’s the concepts, character, purpose and Love that matter, not a specific set of words.

It takes more effort to really communicate who God is than it does to throw out familiar phrases.

It’s the difference between taking an essay exam versus multiple choice.  One shows that you can apply the concepts you’ve learned, the other shows that you have memorized, or at least can recognize, some phraseology.

So, my dear fellow Christian bloggers, I’m going to throw down a challenge:  Write a post that nails one of Jesus’s teachings (not Paul’s, Jesus’s) without using ANY Christian jargon.  Just explain it the way He would – straightforward and simple.

That way EVERYONE on the internet can understand it.  And perhaps say, “Aha!” or “Amen.”

P.S.  You have my permission to post a link to said post in the comments.  I’d love to read it.

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