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Lousy with Lettuce

I usually eat pretty clean but yesterday I ate clean AND tidy.

I was making sandwiches for the hub and me, to use up some leftover chicken. Organic, free range chicken.

And then, just as I was placing a leaf of lettuce over the chicken, I was struck by genius.

Wrap the lettuce around the chicken.

Because I hate it when I tip the sandwich to take a bite and some of the guts fall out.

I had the presence of mind to grab my iPhone so I could show my Facebook friends. In my excitement (and hunger) I didn’t bother to make the pics post worthy.


What’s in the green schmear?

It’s a puree of one avocado, 2 cloves of pickled garlic, minced red onion, a bunch of cilantro – because my garden has a wealth of cilantro right now, just a little bit of kefir, a drizzle of serrano honey balsamic vinegar, a quick squeeze of lime, a longer drizzle of lime infused olive oil, a pinch of salt and a few grinds of pepper.

The lettuce pouch worked beautifully. Not a single morsel of meat fell to my plate. Not a single morsel fell to the hub’s plate, either.

So now I’m going to wrap ALL the contents of my sandwiches in lettuce.

Because a). I like my sandwiches orderly and b). I’m lousy with lettuce.


You’re welcome.