Beneath the empty/full glass is God.

They say the fullness of the glass has to do with optimism and pessimism. Maybe.

But I think there’s more to it.

Competition and camaraderie.

When one of my sisters is blessed with, say, a huge, beautiful new house, I am delighted.

I am delighted because a) huge, beautiful, shiny new houses are possible, and b) because her blessing is also my blessing.  For an hour or two here and there, I get to enjoy her big, beautiful house, too.

Bent toward camaraderie, the blessings bestowed upon others are my blessings, too. When my sister’s glass gets a little fuller, so does mine.

If I were bent toward competition, I would see it differently. The blessing bestowed on my sister would deplete mine. I would compare our glasses and see only the gap between the levels. The empty gap.

Suddenly I have nothing.

Beneath the empty/full glass is God.

When we don’t know God very well, our logic goes like this:

Our glasses are the same full therefore God likes us the same. All is well.

Pour a little more into another glass and suddenly God does not like us all the same. All is not well. Now it’s all:

He likes her more than me.

She going to pull so far ahead that I’ll never catch up.



When our hearts are nestled closely against His our logic goes like this:

Our glasses are the same full. We all have enough. God is good.

Pour a little more into her glass and God is even more generous. Maybe He’ll pour a little more into my glass, too. God is really good.

Confident in His love for us, we happily wait our turn.

While we wait we start thinking about all the ways He has already been generous to us, too. We realize that our glass is fuller than we thought it was. Just as full as others’. Fuller, even, in levels unseen.

Someone, I don’t remember who, said, “Contentment is not the fulfillment of what we want, it is the realization of how much we already have.”

Camaraderie toasts Generosity with an acrylic glass of gratitude.

Competition guzzles it with a crystal goblet of greed.