Kool-aid, a Fiver, 3 Quarters and an Immoral Marriage License.

“Some people are so extra,” my daughter said as I was eating a quick cheese and mustard sandwich on this cold, rainy afternoon.

“What do you mean?”

“I’m reading an article by a pastor who doesn’t think Christians should get marriage licenses.”

“Ho boy.” “What does ‘extra’ mean.”

“It means ‘too much’.”

She sent me the link.

The pastor, I’m sorry to say, is more than too much, he’s mixing himself up some kool-aid.

Case in point, item 5 in his Five Reasons Why Christians Should Not Obtain a State Marriage License:

5. When you marry with a marriage license, you are like a polygamist. From the State’s point of view, when you marry with a marriage license, you are not just marrying your spouse, but you are also marrying the State.

The most blatant declaration of this fact that I have ever found is a brochure entitled “With This Ring I Thee Wed.” It is found in county courthouses across Ohio where people go to obtain their marriage licenses. It is published by the Ohio State Bar Association. The opening paragraph under the subtitle “Marriage Vows” states, “Actually, when you repeat your marriage vows you enter into a legal contract. There are three parties to that contract. 1.You; 2. Your husband or wife, as the case may be; and 3. the State of Ohio.”

See, the State and the lawyers know that when you marry with a marriage license, you are not just marrying your spouse, you are marrying the State! You are like a polygamist! You are not just making a vow to your spouse, but you are making a vow to the State and your spouse. You are also giving undue jurisdiction to the State.

Under item 3. he wrote:

As a minister, I cannot in good conscience perform a marriage which would place people under this immoral body of laws. I also cannot marry someone with a marriage license because to do so I have to act as an agent of the State! I would have to sign the marriage license, and I would have to mail it into the State. Given the State’s demand to usurp the place of God and family regarding marriage, and given it’s unbiblical, immoral laws to govern marriage, it would be an act of treason for me to do so.

Coincidentally, just yesterday I was reading How to spot a sociopath – 10 red flags that could save you from being swept under the influence of a charismatic nut job