Going Cropless

I started to post this picture on Facebook the other day because I am one of those regrettable people who sometimes posts what she’s having for dinner. I chose this picture because it gives a good view of the grilled onions.


But then I noticed the edge of a box of crappy Kroger donuts in the background.

So I backed the posting bus up and cropped the donuts out.

But then the photo looked awkward, out of balance.

So I went with this one instead.


See the hub at the fridge filling his water glass when I made a perfectly lovely lemonade?

From now on I’m going completely cropless when it comes to things like crappy donuts because this blog is partially about my real life.

And in my real life sometimes crappy, delicious Kroger cinnamon donuts are exactly what I need.

going au naturel


October is Donut Month

I want my time in the Bubble to begin on September 2, 2016.

I’ll do nothing but sleep at first, because the body heals when it sleeps.

Then I’ll work my way through our collection of movies.  I might start with You’ve Got Mail and Sleepless in Seattle and then snack on a little Country Strong and P.S I Love You eye candy.

To keep my eyeballs moistened, I’ll watch To Sir With Love.

I’ll definitely put in Julie & Julia ‘cuz I love food and cooking, plus my name is Julie. And Babette’s Feast.

And, at some point, Tender Mercies.

For a laugh I’ll watch Dave.

For some feel-good inspiration I’ll move on to the drawer that holds Seabiscuit and Dreamer, The Rookie and Miracle, Cinderella Man, We Are Marshall and Remember the Titans, The Greatest Game Ever Played and For Love of the Game.  Oh, and A League of Their Own.  “It’s the hard that makes it great.”

If I start to get a little anxious, I’ll watch The Holiday, because for some dumb reason that one always calms me down.

If I have trouble sleeping I’ll watch every single episode of Boy Meets World, from my daughter’s complete collection.  Eric cracks me up.

I’ll read a bunch of blog posts, and write some, too.  I’ll chronicle life in The Bubble.

And I’ll look stuff up.  I can kill a whole lot of time looking stuff up.

And playing games on my iPad like Spider and Scrabble and Free Cell.  Oh yeah, the time will fly right by.

I’ll read my Bible, too.

It won’t be so hard.  I was pretty much confined to my family room for a month when I busted my foot and I survived it.

But why delay my isolation until September 2, 2016?

The Ryder Cup.

I figure the last week will be the toughest, so I’ll need something to keep me riveted. And that is definitely the Ryder Cup.

From September 27 to October 2, 2016, disease or no disease, I’ll be glued to my t.v. watching every second of coverage.  Because I love it.  The contagious disease, as if I needed one, would be a really convenient excuse.

And, conveniently, my confinement would end just in time for donut month.  Because you can’t eat donuts when you’re just laying around.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Inside the Bubble.”