Dotty & Beth

I’ll never forget Dotty Schmitt.  She was the speaker at a retreat I attended 22 years ago and she was magnificent.  She spoke of Moses and Elijah as if she knew them personally.  She told their stories as though she had walked among them.  Listening, I felt as though I was walking among them, too.

Her storytelling inspired me to go beyond the stale reading of Scripture and get to know those whose words I read.  That weekend I silently asked God if I could have Dotty’s mantle when she was through with it.  He began training me to one day pick it up.

Beth Moore said two things that I have saved as sticky notes on my computer:



I ask for an anointing every time I prepare a talk.  No point speaking without it.

There is an author whose books I really like.  He tells a great story.  But his blog often annoys me.  When I come to the end of his posts I want to say, “Quit telling me what to do and just tell me a story.”

Storytellers shouldn’t try to be admonishers.

To be a great story teller:

  1. You have to know the story, really well.
  2. You need an anointing.
  3. You should just tell the stinking story and let me come to my own realization of what I should or shouldn’t do.  If anything.