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Nonprofit Nonsense

My daughter works for a non-profit. She loves the front-lines work they do with kids, but she often laments over the inane decisions the head office makes and the way-too-big-a-deal they make over donor visits.

It’s embarrassing.

Today I received this text from her:

ty notes

So here are my questions:

If you were attending a fundraising event for a literacy program, would you refuse to give if some of the actual children the organization serves wrote their thank you notes upside down?

Would you prefer to see perfect notes faked by adults?

If you were visiting one of the schools in which the program serves in order to make a decision on whether or not your business will support it, would you want them to use their limited resources to make a big old banner welcoming you?  Would you want them to buy a cake that you are not going to touch?  Would you prefer to observe a fake tutoring session using children who are not actually in the program but are more presentable, or would you prefer to observe an actual tutoring session?

Lord have mercy.

In other news:


I got my Irish on….