Ballad of a Heroic Heart

mia!, Creative Commons

mia!, Creative Commons

“You’ll crush her spirit,” dad said.
It fell on dead, deaf ears.
“Beware: Life can be mean,”
was gradually etched with gradual fear
But Jesus loved her
and she loved Him,
And the beat went on.

“I love you,” boyfriend said,
“Now please let’s go to bed.”
She adamantly refused.
“Love’s” first deep cut,
left her young heart confused:
“People say they love you, then try to exploit you.”
And the beat went on.

“Let’s go to the park,” teacher said.
“You can tell me what’s in your head.”
She needed a listening ear,
with all that was going on.
“People can be sneaky, creepy predators”
Was chiseled deep.
And the beat went on.

“Let’s get married,” he said,
but then golden boy reneged
His mom’s final word:
“She isn’t good enough,”
Was a full-blown heart attack.
And the beat went on.

“I want you to be my wife,” he said,
kneeling beside the pastor’s couch
after their baptisms.
But six years and one child later,
he changed his mind.
“Promises mean nothing.”
And the beat went on.

“Ordinary no, really don’t think so,” he sang.
“Me and You.”
“You’ll have to trust me, though.”
She’s doing her very best.
With all the gunk on her poor heart,
and all the gunk on his.
And the beat goes on.

Today’s assignment:  heroine, ballad, epistrophe

It needs some reworking to meet the requirements accurately, but I have to prepare for a talk today, so this will have to do…  Feel free to fix it up for me.