Heads Are Exploding.


My daughter came home from class tonight with tales to tell.

Apparently millennial heads are exploding all over social media.

Young white people want to join hands, encircle the White House and not let Obama leave, in solidarity with their minority brethren.

Meanwhile her African American classmates shrugged their shoulders and said, “He hasn’t done anything for me.” And, “I didn’t even vote for him.”

Wrote my daughter on tumblr:

“90% of the white people I follow on social media are viciously berating anyone who didn’t vote for Hillary (all in the name of protecting minorities), meanwhile my Muslim friends voted for Gary Johnson. What a time to be alive.”

On my Facebook feed, there are lists of impending doom and it’s all the fault of Republicans/Christians. It seems “Republicans” and “Christians” are synonymous.

Except a majority of Catholics in this country are Democrats.  Plenty of Protestants are, too.

Everyone needs to simmer down.

And not bring Jesus into it.

As a sixteen year old member of the LGBT community said to my daughter today, “I’m not worried about Trump. What can he do in eight years? I don’t think people understand how our government works.”

Level-headed lad.

Wise Founding Fathers who put those checks and balances in place.

I understand thinking the world as we know it is going to end when one’s candidate is not elected.

I felt that way in 2008.

I was probably tempted to post my dismay on Facebook the next day, too.

But I didn’t.

I’m sure I didn’t because, according to my fb memories, on Nov. 5, 2008 I posted about the wonderful aroma of my squash soup.

And life went on.

Here, 8 years later I am still alive and well.

Eight years from now your exploding heads will be just fine, too.

So stop reading the fear-mongering propaganda and chill.

As President Obama said in his speech today, the sun will come up in the morning.





Wrong on So Many Levels

In the words of Bob Newhart playing Dr. Switzer in an SNL comedy sketch, “STOP IT!”

I was smack-dab in the middle of putting two brilliant pieces of the Revelation puzzle together for you when I was interrupted by my family’s high-maintenance need for dinner.

My daughter entered the kitchen as I was slicing the avocado:

“So this young, engaged couple from my church has a gofundme page to pay for their wedding.”

“What?! That is wrong on so many levels.”

“The appeal, which was supposedly the groom’s best friend’s idea, is based on the fact that they are young and cannot afford the wedding of their dreams.”

“Oh well.”

“The groom said, ‘God has shown us what kind of wedding He wants us to have,’ but I say, God wants you to have the kind of wedding you can AFFORD.”

To which I added, “God wants you to have integrity and a little self-respect.”

“I know what they’re probably thinking. They think that they are supposed to invite tons of people to their wedding because their love is such a great testimony.”

“Great testimony to what? Do they think theirs is the first love story? Do they think they are the first couple in the history of Christian couples to do it right? Or is theirs a gutter to glory story?”

It doesn’t matter. Fund your own dang wedding youngsters, just like generations before you.

I’m too bugged to get my head back in the Revelation zone. I’ll finish that post tomorrow.

Hope your Sunday was restful and worshipful. Mine was iced in.