Doubly Blessed



My daughter snapped a picture of her graduation cake before we headed to the ceremony. She posted it on Instagram and immediately got tons of likes and an occasional, “I don’t know if I should laugh or cringe.”

“Laugh!,” she replied, “it’s hilarious.”




“It’s not every day you get hooded,” she said.

And she was right. It was a special day.  Seeing the procession of hooded faculty entering the arena and then watching my daughter exit wearing a hood of her own.

I felt grateful all day.

“Do you feel more important now?,” I asked on the way to the restaurant.

“Not more important,” she replied, “just more accomplished.”

Good distinction.


Celebratory dinner at The Common Grill. So delicious.

This morning I said, “I get why being hooded yesterday felt special. It’s kind of like you’ve entered the realm of sages, like you’re Obe Wan Kenobe.”

So my daughter is now a Jedi Warrior therapist who will begin her brand new job at 6:00 tomorrow morning.

This morning she got up early to run an errand.

When she returned she presented me with a Mother’s Day card and a beautiful bouquet of flowers.


I handed it right back to her.

“I didn’t get you flowers yesterday so these are for you.”

“We’ll both enjoy them then,” she said, as she put them in a vase.


Happy Mother’s Day to me!

Happy Mother’s day to you!



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Pancakes in Portland

My one and only child is clear across the country on Mother’s Day.

And I blame Donald Miller.

Back when she was in high school she read Through Painted Deserts, she’s wanted to visit Portland ever since.

So she booked her flight not realizing…

I awoke this morning to a text that was time-stamped 2:30 am: “landed in Portland.”

At 12:30 pm Detroit time,  9:30 am Portland time, I sent her a text: “Safe and sound?”

Because that’s all a mama wants on Mother’s Day.

Especially when mama’s personality type is INFJ – The Protector.

“yes. Happy Mother’s Day. Love You!”


“first stop: Breakfast at a Swedish restaurant
Danish pancakes with lemon curd and lingonberries”

Love you, too, baby girl. Keep the pics coming.